We understand the extra burden placed upon parents and children during these challenging times. 


Our tutors at SLICE OF LIFE provide supportive academic instruction to individuals outside of the classroom and via Zoom.  Our tutors are experienced professionals and educators who provide private instruction to help students improve their educational performance, focus, motivation, development of study skills and help prepare for exams. It may also help relieve some of the stress families are currently facing.


A former tutor student last year improved their grades from D to A with our tutors' support.


Hourly Rate: $30
Scheduled upon request in person or virtual.



Or call for more information (661) 777-SOLS (7657)


For high-school students, Accel Academics helps students prepare for high school or college academic examinations or gain occupational skills. (Coming Soon)

Susan Minor: 661-777-SOLS (7657)

48771 W Valley Blvd

Tehachapi, 93561

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