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Music Camp

Slice of Life is thrilled to offer a fun and exciting educational Music Camp this summer!

Your child will learn a wide range of musical concepts through a variety of original and enjoyable games and activities in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

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  • Keyboard/piano navigation

  • Improve sightreading skills

  • Work on note and rest values

  • Focus on rhythm and tempo

  • Recognize and play intervals

  • Construct measures

  • Compose a short piece of music

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Games Include

  • Notable Floatables

  • Rainy Rhythm

  • Ice Cream Intervals

  • Math of Music

  • Rhythm Ring Toss

  • Keyboard Challenge

  • What Note Am I?

  • Build A Measure

​​Ages:  6 & up


Camp 1

June 14th-18th Monday through Friday, 9am to 12 noon

Each day’s progress will build on the foundation of knowledge acquired on the preceding days of Music Camp.  Throughout, the emphasis will be on active participation which, together with repetition in novel form each day, will deepen comprehension and augment retention of skills acquired. 


Camp 2

Thursdays for 5 weeks
July 22nd through August 19th

9am to 12noon



$120 for current SOL students (sibling discount $80 per sibling)

$150 for non-SOL students (sibling discount $90 per sibling)


Deposit for Camp 2 - July/August: $25 per student.  Balance due 7 days before Music Camp starts.


All materials will be provided.  Bottled Water will be provided.  Students are asked to bring their own snacks.

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Sturdy footwear and playtime clothing are necessary as some activities will entail sitting on the ground, some will involve the use of water, and some will involve moving around. Masks are optional. Miss Fiona will be wearing a mask at all times. Accommodations will be made for students with special needs.

To register for Music Camp, or for further information, please phone or text Miss Fiona at (949) 702-3258.


Camp sizes are limited to 10 children.

About Miss Fiona

Miss Fiona has been teaching at Slice Of Life for over 3 years. She is delighted that Slice of Life is expanding the available opportunities for students to include Summer Music Camp.
Learning should be fun. In fact, Miss Fiona believes that, ideally, lessons should be so much fun that the students ought to acquire knowledge and skills without being aware that they are learning! 
Making learning pleasurable and worthwhile is her primary and principal aim as an educator. Happily, she had excellent teaching mentors who helped her develop techniques to make learning enjoyable for her students.
Over the years, Miss Fiona has taught a wide range of subject matter to students of all ages – from preschool to university. Crafting enjoyable lessons inspires and motivates students to work hard and achieve their aspirations.”

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